Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Early Spring Blooms

This Autumn Cherry was in pretty bad shape, and has been "babied" for the past couple of years.  It is responding beautifully to a little TLC.
Another angle of the same tree, below. 
The Okami cherries are the real "show stoppers" at the moment from the street. 
A container at the pool 
There are hundreds of these daffodils at the Big House, the most notable of which line a long fence at the front of the property. 
Edgeworthia is perfuming the screened porch 
I came upon this hellebore in the wooded garden. 
The pansies are loving the sun! 
"Tete-a-tete" along the creek 
As usual, these are pretty huge files, so click for a better look.


  1. What beautiful photo's. The cherry trees are wonderful. Love to see spring happening somewhere. Here in Winnipeg its -42 with the wind chill. March is coming in like a lion and here's hoping it leaves like a lamb. Thank you for your blog and for filling me with hope of Spring.

  2. All gorgeous and I want that container those pansies are in.

  3. I wish more people would plant Okame. It is the earliest of Cherries for us, has a great shape and does not get too big.

  4. The cherry tree is beautiful. We have Japanese Magnolias blooming in our area now. Isn't Spring wonderful?
    Your photos are a feast for the eyes.