Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Spring Splendor

Every time I arrive at the Big House, I am reminded again of what an incredibly beautiful garden I get to spend my days in.  That impression is never stronger than in spring.  Here, ajuga creeps out of its bed and onto a stone staircase.
The bald cypresses are starting to show their spring color.  They are, in my mind, one of the most beautiful of trees, incredibly simple and breathtakingly simple in all seasons. 
There is the promise of a great blueberry crop in a couple of months. 
Arborvitae "Berkman's Gold" in bloom. 
Frittilaria in the morning sun. 
Even the most generic of hostas looks beautiful at the end of winter. 
In front of the house, we allow the kale to bolt, those delicate yellow blooms enhancing the pansy beds. 
Creeping phlox at the small pond. 
Redbud, apple, and Yoshino cherry blossoms all fight for attention. 
A stray tulip that comes back each year under one of the maples.  Clearly this bulb didn't read the book that said it shouldn't survive for so many years in Atlanta's heat. 
As always, click on any of the photos if you want to see them in more detail (but please don't lift my photos and call them your own). 

I hope you're enjoying spring in whatever form it takes where you are.


  1. Spring is dancing in your garden to the silent music of your blooms! How lovely!

  2. I love the frittilaria. It is the little things that create the magic. IMHO.

  3. Not all of our tulips read the books here as well.

  4. Nice photos, as usual, Tim - but what is this "spring" of which you speak? We had 6" of heavy, wet snow on Wednesday that covered up my paltry little aconites and crocuses.