Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

Blooms on the Patio Peach called "Bonfire" are followed by dark burgundy foliage

In the walled garden, the cabbages and violas make a pretty combination
Unnamed daffodils near the driveway
"Nuccio's Gem," one of my favorite Camellia japonicas
The spirea "Ogon" is putting on quite a show this week! 
Blooms from a weeping (Okame?) cherry 
The buds on a "Texas White" redbud are ready to pop, though they're a few days behind the native redbud.

The Yoshino Cherry blooms are almost at that point of starting to float down through the air
Another angle looking out through the Yoshinos 


  1. What gorgeous blooms! That crisp white camellia is stunning. I do like the violas with cabbage. Great combination.

  2. My N. Gem is trying its best to make up for a bad winter. I have never seen so many blooms on it.

  3. Les, we were talking yesterday about that one camellia, and think it's because it is in a fairly protected corner of the brick house. It never gets totally blasted by the cold.

  4. i love that white camellia too - that's the one thing i don't have. lots of pinks, stripes, and reds, but no whites.

  5. What a glorious time of year...who doesn't get a thrill from trees laden with blossoms!?!

  6. Nice post. Your are lucky to spring a little earlier. We are up and down in South Kansas.