Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Signs of Spring

When the days start hitting the 70's, the glass house regularly pushes the 90's, and the tropical plants are loving life!  Only a few more weeks until they're able to be outside for the summer, and they're definitely wanting to get a head start.

Canna "Bengal Tiger" is creeping up through the other plants and catching a few rays.
Clerodendron is now climbing across the ceiling on wires, reaching for the sun. 
Orchids are strutting their stuff. 

Outside, the Maple "Sango kaku" is getting ready for spring, as well, still with its bright red winter bark color. 


  1. I'm on an orchid "kick" at present. Yours are gorgeous!

    Suppose to freeze here tonight!

  2. That's my dream have a glass house for my tropicals. Although, I would have to say that it couldn't be glass as it would have to be plexiglass or something that would withstand a rock. We have people here who like to destroy things around our gardens:)

  3. Orchids! I can never take good care of them. Yours look gorgeous.