Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Deutzia is this Week's Favorite Plant

This week's favorite plant has to be the deutzia, which is blooming its heart out at the moment. For most of the year it just hangs out there, looking a bit like a forsythia or a spirea, but for these few weeks, it is just COVERED with beautiful delicate pink blooms. (The wide shot bleeds out the color, unfortunately)

I don't see it often in gardens, but it really is a great old standy, that I think deserves to be named, "Favorite Plant of the Week". It will go back to being a back of the garden framework plant soon, but for now it's the star of the show!


  1. I think this does OK in part shade, too, though I don't grow it. Most shrubs just kind of "hang out there" most of the year! ;-)

  2. Tim it's a beauty.

    I need to look at more shrubs to plant come this Autumn

  3. Yes ... favorite plant of the week. Nice great tree with lovely blooms. I would love to have it in my garden. If only I have a big garden ...