Friday, May 1, 2009

A Great Week for Gardening!

It's been a challenging week for communications, but the people at Sprint and Dell have that under control....the new phone is in hand, spending hours reentering numbers, the new computer on its way. On the other hand, what an awesome week for gardening! Hovering around 80 degrees all week, mostly sunny, then some showers started today. It's hard to believe we were close to freezing just a few weeks ago! I've been able to get a ton of things done at the big house, doing the final pre-season "primping." The summer containers are full, we're getting blisters from pruning shears, the annuals are in, and things are just starting to explode in the garden!

The irises and peonies are loving this weather! Here are a few shots from this morning....unfortunately I don't know the cultivars of any of these beauties!


  1. Ooh, I have a peony just like that first one. It should bloom in a month or so! :)

  2. It has been a nice week but now it is pouring down rain and we have a big group coming tomorrow to see the garden. I'm not happy.

  3. Your flowers are breath taking! Your top photo is a Louisiana Iris! Years ago they were called Yellow flags. Have a great weekend gardening!

  4. Who cares about the names of cultivars!

    They look beautiful. Isn't this an exciting time of year.



  5. Philip, something tells me your garden is going to be exquisite even with the rain.....

  6. The yellow (Louisiana) Iris is one of my favorites. It is the only flower that "Mister" really doesn't care for...wouldn't you know it, they spread like locusts around his garden!