Monday, May 18, 2009

Horticulture Magazine

So without sounding like a complete egomaniac, I thought the blurb Horticulture magazine did was sorta'll notice that I managed to hide my fat body behind the beautiful gate outside the perennial garden at the Big House!

For some reason I seem to be the last person in America to receive the latest issues of Horticulture, so I had gotten several messages from people commenting that it was a great little article about roses and hydrangeas.

That being said, I am soooooo excited at the appearance of the hydrangeas this year, particularly after the late season freeze of 2007, and the crazy drought of 2007 and 2008. The Annabelles are covered with buds, as are most of the macrophyllas, though it's still a little early for them.

At my own house, the H. seratta "Preziosa" (Carol H's favorite) is already in full bloom, and it's quite pretty. I'll get a picture in a couple of days when it's peaking. I was walking through the garden today at the big house, as well as here at home, and noticed the oakleafs are already starting to show some bloom. It always reminds me of somone with a can of that spray whipped cream, seeing how high they can possibly pile the cream on the pie before it tips can you not just love them?


  1. Hi Tim

    I don't get to see Horticulture mag over here. Was it an article you put together?


  2. Hi Tim, Don't worry, I get Horticulture even later than you, but that's because I don't subscribe. Are you going to make me go to the library to see the photo, or are you going to post it for us? (I'm assuming it's not the one here as no part of any human is vaguely in sight). Congrats on whatever they wrote and showed of your garden! (And I do know what you mean about friends getting mailings first. They sort by ZIP and we have maybe 5 ZIPs in Ann Arbor, and mine's the highest number, so friends who get the same kind of gardening mailings are always "Hey, do you want to go on that tour or this class or that workshop?" and I'm always like, "HUH?"