Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some Photos from Nawlins

(Top to Bottom: Royal Street Balcony, Chartres Street, Chartres Street, Lower Ninth Ward)

We spent the weekend in New Orleans, which was a great little break that came early enough in the season to beat the oppressive heat in the "Big Easy." Since Atlanta has turned into a rainforest this year, there wasn't a whole lot of gardening that could be done anyway!

New Orleans has always been elegant in a somewhat "down at the heels" way, and it's a little more pronounced post-Katrina, but that faded elegance is still very visible. We got a bunch of photos, and some of the gardens were particularly beautiful in spring. The last photo makes one sad......clearly someone once cared very much for this little garden....the gardener and the flowers are gone, along with the house.

(I'm going to make a separate post of photos from Longue Vue House)


  1. I love New Orleans and since the French Quater is 90 minutes from my driveway, I go quite often. The pictures are great, I need to go down and take a quarter stroll and see the gardens! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I could handle some time in New Orleans.

    Southern cooking and Jazz, no problem.