Thursday, October 15, 2009

6120 Pansies

Copperfield Shades, above Persian Medley

Apple Cider Mix, above
Six Thousand, One Hundred Twenty.....
That's how many pansies have been delivered this week for planting in the winter beds at the big house. I have to admit it's pretty amazing when it's all in place, but for the time being, it's more than a little overwhelming!

That being said, I'm really pleased with the mixture we've used this season. "Mrs." really likes the antique shades, which aren't always the strongest bloomers. As a result, I've spent the past couple of years trying to find a good mixture that uses those tones while still performing well.

In the beds I'm mixing Delta Apple Cider Mix three-to-one with Delta Premium Persian Medley. So far about half of the beds are installed, and I'm very happy with the look.
We're testing another mixture this year in some of the containers; so far I'm thrilled with the look, and will keep you posted about our luck with it. Skyline "Copperfield Shades" (top photo) seems to be more peachy colors than the others; if it performs well this year, it might be the primary pansy we use next winter.

Wish me luck! They are having a big family party on Sunday, which means the pansies need to be finished by Saturday! We're more than half done, so I'm not worried yet....


  1. good grief Tim. I'll bet you'll sleep good Saturday night! But I can just imagine the beauty of the mass plantings. Wished you could sneak photos of the plant beds.

  2. I agree about the antique tones of the pansies.
    You don't see these at the big box stores.
    I will have to come out for a visit and see them in their full glory. The winter would be quite plain and boring without pansies.

    Have a good weekend. Carra Harris

  3. I think they'll look great together, you'll be busy planting. I used 'Copperfield Shades' in my window boxes. The flowers really vary from plant to plant, lots of different shades.

  4. I could have sworn, I commented on your post yesterday. I hope you are alive.

  5. Photos are coming. If the sun would only come out the pansies would show their faces!