Sunday, October 4, 2009

Photos from a Foggy Morning

I absolutely love fog; perhaps it's from growing up on the coast of New Hampshire, where it creates an eerie magical feeling when it swirls around the boats and piers. When I took Sadie for her early walk yesterday, some of the autumn flowers looked particularly good in that light (or lack of it...)

Above is Cuphea, with dew clinging to the webs that have engulfed it overnight.

Tatarian Aster is a favorite of mine, and is the perfect foil to the swamp sunflower and moonvine.

Is there any more beautifully formed flower than moonvine?

The moonvine has grown so large that people can no longer walk under the arbor, and need to walk around the corner to the driveway!
This is a set of photos that are worth "double clicking" to see the detail of the fog and dewdrops...

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