Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sunday in the Park at Oakland Cemetery

This weekend is the annual "Sunday in the Park" event at Historic Oakland Cemetery, and it's a very cool way to spend the afternoon!

It's a Victorian festival, of sorts, honoring the Cemetery's original intent as a place to stroll, picnic, and visit, in addition to being the final resting place of most of the residents of Atlanta during the late 1800's.

Here's a couple of photos from Oakland's website, but for more info, go to the website,

Hopefully I'll see you there! It's not often you're able to get INSIDE Victorian mausoleums!


  1. do they have any old roses? I love seeing old cemeteries restored.

  2. The tornado that tore through Atlanta last year made a line drive through Oakland, which is part of why I became involved in the restoration group of gardeners. Let me do some snooping for old roses and see if I can get some photos....