Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Atlanta, Oregon?

Since we're coming out of a two year drought period, I (and lots of other gardeners) have pledged not to complain about rain. It's becoming rather difficult to maintain that pledge!

I've reached a point of not even bothering to watch the weather forecasts on television. It's become the norm to just assume it's going to rain....and rain some more....and rain some more. And when the rain stops, we'll have just enough time for the rain to soak into the ground before it rains again......

I moved south from New England several years ago to avoid the dreary skies that cloak that region from October until April. Whenever people talk about the fabulous plants of the Pacific Northwest, my stock answer is that I wouldn't be able to handle the constant rain.....

October is typically the driest month of the year in Atlanta, and the weather is really delightful. In the past three weeks, however, we have had as much rain as we typically have for the four months between September and December!

My house is growing green funk on the siding, I have ugly black tubes extending from my downspouts, and I'm planning to spend my day tomorrow sucking up the water that will inevitably seep into the garage again.
But I'm not complaining about rain!.....I'm just going to plant water lilies in the middle of what used to be the lawn.....


  1. yeah I feel you pain here in sugar hill. If it keeps up we will most likely be getting some freezing rain this winter or even snow which will no be fun.

  2. Great post. I can take the rain too. But the cold, no. It is coming for us tomorrow.

  3. Fotunately this one has turned out to be a giant "fizzle," which is great! The rain is awesome, but it's becoming a real issue with stressed trees falling and such.

    The second half of my 7200 pansies arrive today at the Big House...more about that later.

    Glad to have you back, Ben! I miss your blog!

  4. We had a really, really dry summer and a somewhat wet fall (though not as wet as there!). I like a (reasonably wet fall as I plant and transplant a TON of stuff this time of year. But it's another story if I had to start building arks for my plants.... though I'd have enough wood from all the buckthorn I've been cutting down!!! ;-)