Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Pretty Awesome Christmas Decorating Job

"You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run..........from a really bad plastic surgery job".

OK, I added that last bit in....did it give you any clue about the reported owner of this pretty awesome (albeit, Baroque) Buckhead home?

What I really like (all kidding aside) about the decor is the split wreath, which we've seen much more of this season in Atlanta. I think it's pretty ingenious to have the wreath split, so you can do larger wreaths on the (seemingly-mandatory in Atlanta) gates. The truth is that with some of these massive sets of gates, a pair of 36-inch wreaths gets lost. Anyway, some brilliant designer created this option, which works beautifully.

For some reason they wouldn't let me pull into the driveway with my truck loaded down with pruning waste (was it the cracked windshield that put them off?), so I had to stalk this one from the street. Check out the garland around the door, which seems to be made of silk poinsettias. Again, it was one of those things that could have been a tacky disaster, but really seems to work on this massive and elaborate house.


  1. Oh my! Can you say ostentatious.

  2. Kenny Rogers. Sheesh. I would expected a full beard, not silk poinsettias. Where are the red and yellow plastic candles?

  3. I heard the scars are a perfect match of the road map of Chamblee. LOL
    But what a house! Beautiful!

  4. What I find fascinating is that this home is a major downsize from the last one, which is a couple of miles away.

  5. LOL. Thank goodness I don't have to pay on the upkeep or taxes for that mansion but it is wonderful. The half wreath is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas to you.

  6. The half wreath is a great idea - never seen one in the UK. I'll have to pretend that I've invented it!

    Happy Christmas, Tim