Monday, December 21, 2009

A Frosty Morning in Atlanta

I happened to have my camera with me this morning on my way off to work, and got some shots in the stepchild garden while the frost was still fairly heavy. This urn has annual color in the summer, so the prostrate deodor cedar is looking both lonely and cold. Ilex meserva "Blue Princess" looks like a Hallmark photo at this time of year! I don't see it used nearly as much here as I do in northern climates. Not sure why, since it does just fine here, as well.
The "Teddy Bear" magnolia is not looking very Southern under the coat of frost!

This was my bargain purchase last week with Jo-E and Jack. It was in the reject section at the concrete place, since the aggragates are all exposed through the cement. I think the bad mixing job only adds to the charm of the piece, and makes it look almost ancient! Behind the sculpture is "Hot Lips" salvia, which will probably start blooming again as soon as the frost is gone....gotta love that plant!


  1. I adore the bird sculpture, I agree with you...great eye;)

  2. Is Hot Lips perennial? I thought it was annual. I have a concrete sculpture. It was given to me as a joke. A naked woman. But, I put "her" in the trunk of my car in the winter as weight for traction . She has come in handy many times. A "Good Woman", eh..........

  3. Jim, I would love to be nearby when you're pulled over for a burned out taillight, and you have to open the trunk for some reason...just how would you explain the woman in the trunk?

    "Hot Lips" is perennial here in north-metro Atlanta (zone 7). In fact, it is enormous! I don't cut any salvias back until spring. They're ugly for the winter, but many are perennial here that aren't supposed to be.

  4. Tim, as always great pictures. But the magnolia is wonderful. Sort like a holiday sugar coating. - G