Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas in Atlanta

Driving around Buckhead today, there were a few homes that seemed particularly well done. This first one is on the lawn outside the gates of a massive estate. Very simple and very beautiful, I think. (The deer are life-sized). This second one is so tailored, and just beautiful. What you can't see is that the entire right side of the property is nandina, which is just covered with red berries right now.
The main house of a huge estate, below, where the owners understand that the decorations need to be massive, just to be in scale with the residence. From having catered parties here, I can tell you that the entire property is this well done.
This one below isn't even one of my favorite houses. It's just for all y'all who think every house in Atlanta looks like Tara.


  1. all beautiful....I adore the last two;)


  2. Those last two are almost directly across the street from one another. It's a pretty amazing little neighborhood....

  3. This would be a fine entry to submit to OOTS!

  4. Wonderful post! Wish you could see here in England, where we are snowbound! Great to see all that greenery and sunlight.

  5. My guess is that in 700 or 800 more years, our gardens will look like those in least I can hope!