Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This Planter is "Tha Bomb!"

Just down the street from the mystery gambler's house I passed this wall that is associated with a pretty large estate, as well. In this section of Valley Road (between Habersham and Tuxedo), everyone has walls, everyone has huge gates, and many homes even have bridges crossing the creek to get into their homes. Without sounding jaded, it's hard to out-do your neighbors when it comes to ornamentation on those walls. I think this house might just have done that!

This structure marks the end of each side of the curved wall, and (in my humble opinion), is pretty fabulous. To give you an idea of scale, the structure is about 4 feet across and perhaps 8 feet high, without the finial. The urn alone is about 24 inches tall and wide. The finial looks a little out of scale in this photo, but because there are several of them along the length of the wall, it really works.

This isn't flashy, it's very simple ivy done in the most simple way......but, boy, does it make a statement! (Just to add a little icing to the cake, the niche is very softly lit at night).


  1. Phillip, I'm waiting for you to build something similar in front of your house! From what I've seen, you have the perfect garden for it!

  2. There are the remnants of a wall (though not that fancy) a bit down the street from me. They are just the corners, really, but I've always liked them.

  3. A little niche for the planter.....lovely. We all need the means to afford hardscape in our lives. This person certainly does!

  4. Something tells me I'll never be casually spending for something like this!