Friday, December 4, 2009

It Seems Winter is Here

It's 48 degrees at the moment, but the forecast is for another cold night. It was in the 30's this morning, but the weather did the classic Atlanta thing and warmed up quickly. My transplanted Bostonian attitude has kicked in as I hear shoppers talking about the "snow coming to Atlanta!" (Translated as perhaps a semi-frozen flake in the midst of the rain tomorrow morning.) Quick! Let's all run out and buy toilet paper and milk! (I've never understood why these are the two things that we MUST have in our homes during a blizzard.....I'd rather have brownies, ice cream and cognac if I'm being snowed in).

In the garden, it's amazing what difference comes in a week. Here are a few shots from this week.
From the top: This camellia was hidden for ten years behind one of the arborvitaes that was cut down a couple of weeks ago. It's amazing what a little sun will do for a flower!
The mustards and chards are taking on incredible color as the weather chills.
The creeping fig looks so beautiful at this time of year when the asparagus is down for the winter.
The fatsia japonica with its "Sputnik"-like blooms
It looks like snow, but it's just a view through the elderly Autumn Cherry.
Bake some brownies and light the fireplace!


  1. I'm one of those who hides with the threat of a flurry. Being from South Florida it freaks me out. But Brandy and Brownies sounds wonderful. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (la la la).

  2. It dang sure doesn't look like winter. It was in the 40's and misty all day here in North Florida!

  3. It's the same in Seattle when they mention snow. People just panic, although last year we did get enough to cause stocking up on certain things. I agree with you on the choice of supplies though. I love the last picture, it does look like snow.

  4. Great shots, Tim! Once in my life, I want to be in a place that's covered with snow and I envy you guys over im temperate climates for that.

  5. Once in one's life is good; after a few years of it, however, you'll be ready for warmth again!

  6. Tim, as always, the pictures are wonderful! All the talk about snow made me remember an editorial cartoon from the Cleveland Plain Dealer during the great blizzard winters of 1977 and '78: the entire page was white except for a half-circle with a driver glaring out of it. That pretty much sums up how most of us northerners feel about winter after the first week in January!