Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Showers Bring Big Messes

It's Tuesday afternoon, and everyone in metro Atlanta seems to finally have power restored, after one of the infamous April Showers. One would never known that we're in an official "extreme drought" from the skies lately.

Most of the big old trees are terribly weakened from the past two years of drought, and this spring season's crazy rains and winds are certainly leaving their mark. Between Friday's electric storms (with some hale thrown in for good measure) and Monday morning's wind and rain, I'm amazed there hasn't been more damage. Trees are still down all over the city, and lots of cleanup to do.

One of my neighbor's old dead pines came crashing down into our yard very early yesterday morning, with the wind whipping the other trees around and the rain pelleting the side of the house. We were truly blessed that the only residual damage was the broken pieces of tree lying around and one snipped tendril from the akebia vine that climbs up my pergola.....no more damage than a squirrel might cause.

After making sure nothing was damaged, I did what every good gardener would do.....drove out in the torrential rain to see what plants I could find at Hastings and Habersham for my new SUN bed.....almost killed myself on the roads, but I found some pretty awesome new plants!

1 comment:

  1. Wind is one thing, wind and hail is another.

    Over here, the vineyards are insured against hail damage.

    I hope your weather becomes less violent