Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Study in Contrasts

I was out doing errands this morning, and encountered the sporadic snow showers we've been having around Atlanta. To say that it's odd to have snow in April is an understatement!

When people think of "classic" Atlanta gardens, it is probably the image of Atlanta in April that they think of most. At this moment, there is not a window in my house that doesn't frame a redbud, dogwood, or ornamental fruit tree that is in full bloom. These form the middle tier of color, above the seemingly endless hues of azaleas, tulips, late daffodils, and other bulbs. The pines are covered with candles, the Japanese maples have leafed out, and lots of other deciduous trees and shrubs have that vivid color of newly opening leaves.

How odd it is, then, to see snow flurries coming from the sky! My doublefile viburnum (perhaps my favorite shrub, soon to be tree) has the look of a pagoda, with those blossom that are snowflake-ish in their form. How exquisite to see actual snow coming down around it. Fortunately, the snow is so light that it's melting the moment it meets the leaves, but for a few brief seconds, the combination is pretty magical.


  1. So you could call this your 'viburnum' winter :)
    We have another freeze warning out tonight, so it's cover everything up again!
    Love your pictures, by the way !!

  2. I thought for a moment you were talking about the blossom falling as snow

    Topsy turvy weather you're having.

  3. I only wish it were just blossoms falling as snow! Hopefully this is the last of the cold for this year!

  4. Yeah, snow in April is normal here, but we've gotten a lot more than normal; usually it's only a thin, light coating. Nature! It's a mother! ;-)