Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some Photos from Friday Morning

I've still not figured out how to put text directly with each photo, but here are some updates as of Friday morning. It was chilly and overcast, with all of the plants still covered with morning dew.
From top to bottom: A Rubra Dogwood blossom; the "Heuchera Village" made from all of the heucheras moved out of winter containers and planted in the scilla bed; a closeup of the Doublefile Viburnum (AKA Favorite Tree), and the Abraham Darby that was planted a couple of weeks ago. (It was under heat all winter, so is very early this year, and the fragrance is just unbelievable!)


  1. All very nice, especially the Abraham Darby rose. It is so pretty.

  2. We had a very interesting article in our local paper about English Dogwoods. The article was by Bill Finch who is our local garden expert. He said that English Dogwoods are actually not dogwoods...they are in the hydrange family. I will find it and post it, or find a link to it....very interesting

  3. I just posted the article on my blog