Thursday, April 16, 2009

Photos for Monica and "Missus"

These were on the morning of April 9, which was ridiculously cold, but really beautiful with the condensation still on all of the blossoms and leaves.
From top to bottom: The Vegetable Garden Ready for Planting (Blueberries, Asaragus and Some Lettuces Already Showing); An Azalea that's "way too bright" so early in the morning; Kwanzan Cherry blossoms up close; a Foxtail Lily that doesn't know how early it is; and the Bridal Wreath Spirea I can never get enough of.


  1. How beautiful - I love that vegetable garden and I hope you can post some photos of it when it is mature.

  2. Very beautiful. I love the idea of using lantana under trees. The begona/maple combination sounds veyr nice too. Pretty vegetable garden!

  3. Absolutely stunning, and it will only get better, if that is possible :)
    I love the Bridal Wreat Spirea, how elegant and profuse..
    Thanks for lifting my spirits...