Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Aahhh! The Joys of Computerized Living......

So when the cell phone dropped and got run over in a dramatic crush of it's shiny blue self, I was really annoyed; since it was my own fault, I was mature and sent an email to most people I know to let them know I didn't know their telephone numbers (who keeps an address book anymore?)

When the computer "crashed" less than 24 hours later, let's just say the level of annoyance peaked! At this moment all I can access is the internet, but I'm thinking I might need to go do some weeding to preserve what's left of my sanity!

Have a beautiful evening!


  1. Don't you hate that. You are right...the new address book is a cell phone and when you lose it....YOU LOSE IT!

  2. I lose power quite frequently and it's like you can't function at all without the computer--I keep all my addresses and whatnot on it!

  3. Losing the internet is the one that does for me!