Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Stepchild Gets Mulch...Finally!

  • I wasn't working at the big house or the penthouse today, so it seemed the perfect time to actually work in my own garden. Since I've been meaning to put out pinestraw mulch since March or April, it only makes me about six weeks behind schedule. Fortunately my home garden tends to fall into the categories of "eclectic" and "eccentric," so I'm able to fall back upon that excuse.

    I think my home garden is perhaps an emotional response to working in very manicured gardens on a daily basis; "manicured" is definitely NOT an adjective most would use to describe my garden!

    Some possible reasons my home garden isn't considered "manicured":
  • The 300 or so Cleome flowers that have self-seeded themselves since last year, coming up everywhere, including one growing in a crack in my driveway (I adore Cleome, but will definitely be putting out Preen next year);
  • The New Dawn rose that finished blooming a couple of weeks ago, and is now so large that it threatens to topple its arbor or grab a small child who makes the mistake of walking by (or both);
  • My Herbal lawn. When asked if I have zoysia, Bermuda, St. Augustine, or Fescue, I simply reply, "Yes;" (But it stays green year round......)
  • My unique version of Botanical Latin names. I'm not sure why the AHS doesn't list, "Dad's Yellow Iris," "Alice's Monarda," and "Not Ogon Spirea," in their publications.
  • The fact that my pansies are still in the ground, and actually still blooming their little blue hearts out; The IRS and summer annuals are supposed to be taken care of by April 15 in Atlanta.

    As could have been predicted, the rain starting pouring down after I had finished mulching about 25% of the garden beds.......why do I think I'm going to soon be seven weeks behind schedule?

    I'm trying very hard to care about being "behind schedule", really I am......


  1. I love how you refer to your garden as a stepchild. Mine is a stepchild too. And ditto on the emotional reaction to working in very manicured gardens all day! Great post.

  2. LOL, my own versions of plant names include polyoleum and cup and saucer plant. My lawn is primarily weeds, but mowed it looks like lawn and stays green all season though I've never watered it (in 7 years). My gardens are also not manicured--my beds (and there are many) don't have crisp edges or any kind of edging--this way I don't have to weed-whip. :) Cheap and lazy rules!

  3. The cleome sounds wonderful!~ I love it when it comes back on it's own. I wish I had more of the white. The purple and pink seem to out live the white.

    ENJOY your life in the garden. It seems once we are done weeding it is back to watering and then WEEDING all over again! LOVE IT!
    Happy JUNE - off to grow something.