Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some Edibles

Not sure they're really edible, but there are the most adorable peaches on the "Bonfire" Patio Peach that is in a container near the pool. Can't wait to see what happens as the season progresses.

Since it's really about "the look," I'm pointedly not thinning out the fruits unless their weight becomes an issue for the branches of the tree. Since I assumed it would mostly serve for foliar interest in the container, I planted a moonvine in the same pot, which is growing like a weed! Can't wait to see those giant white blooms against that foliage.

In the veggie garden, the blueberries are getting close!!!

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  1. You may, or may not, be amazed to learn peaches actually grow in Michigan. I had no idea until I had a client with fruit trees some yonks back. Mmmmm, peaches. Nom nom!