Monday, June 8, 2009

Some Blooms from this Weekend

Here are some shots from Saturday morning at the big house, with a little editorial, as well.
First, the Echinaceas are literally buzzing these days, as you can see.
Anthony Waterer Spirea is not a favorite shrub of mine, since I think it is "done to death" in most landscapes, but for these few weeks, I have to admit the show is pretty amazing.
Lastly, however "pedestrian" they might be, Annabelles are still one of my all time favorite hydrangeas. Between the big house and my own garden, there are several cultivars of macrophyllas, serattas, and oakleafs; there are none that I would want to part with, but Annabelles still hold a special spot in my heart as the first hydrangea I grew myself. There is something very simple and lovely about Annabelle in my mind.

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  1. Love the echinacea and am egaerly awaiting its bloom in my own garden. That spirea is something else, too!