Monday, June 15, 2009

Some Passalong Perennials

The perennial bed is popping out all over the place, thanks to lots of "passalong plants" I've inherited in the past couple of years (mostly from my friend, Alice). These are some of those that straddle the fine line between "exuberant" and "invasive," but all are great old-fashioned beauties in my eye!
(Ignore the blatant aversion to edging in my own garden!)


  1. Hi Tim,

    Your Cleome are way ahead of mine. I don't expect them to bloom for another month.

    I love the Monarda.


  2. The cleome was three little plants last year, which exploded over the winter! It seems very early this year for some reason. It's sort of "weedy" in the south, but a real favorite of mine!