Monday, June 1, 2009

Two More Containers

The Lion's Head Maples are doing beautifully in this warm damp weather, as is the Bonfire Begonia, which is just taking off.

The other container gets some morning sun, then shade the rest of the day. A little trivia about the "Song of India" dracena (all dracenas, for that matter). They hate chlorinated water! If you are seeing spots and blemishes on a dracena, try leaving the water in the watering can overnight for the chlorine to dissipate before putting it on the plants.


  1. Hi Tim

    That Bonfire Begonia looks superb. Not at all 'blousy' as some begonias can.


  2. Those containers are very nice!

  3. This is the second year for the Bonfire. Last year in part shade and somewhat moist conditions, it did terribly. It seems to like more sun and drier conditions than most of the begonias. Where it is now it gets just a couple of hours of afternoon sun, and seems to love it! It is a surprisingly tough plant!

  4. I just bought some of the Bonfire begonias this year and I'm loving them. Mine are getting lots of shade though.