Monday, February 8, 2010

The Fern Goddess

Here are a couple of shots from the Fern Ridge Farms display at the Southeastern Flower Show. Eleanor didn't have a retail booth this year, but did this beautiful display in the "Discovery" (AKA Educational) area of the show.
We are all still mourning the fact that Eleanor moved her operation from Georgia to Cedar Bluff, AL, late last year. Fortunately, she still makes lots of trips to north Georgia for her adoring groupies! In my mind there is nobody better if you're looking for ferns......even worth the drive from Atlanta to Alabama!
If you are not familiar with Eleanor, check her out!


  1. If I could only have one plant, it would be a fern, Tim! This post touched my soul :)

  2. Ferns are one of those plants I always think I dislike, but it always turns out I don't!

  3. In my mind, ferns add a "finishing touch" to lots of areas of the garden. There is nothing quite like having tall ferns brushing against you as you walk down a path. Immediately in front of my house (northern exposure) is complete shade until 4 PM, then blistering sun for a couple of hours. Autumn Fern is the only thing that thrives there!