Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Yellow Book Arrived Today!

As part of the English trip planning, I ordered the Yellow Book from the National Gardens Scheme a couple of weeks ago, and it arrived today!  What a perfect way to spend my afternoon after work!

If you aren't familiar with the National Gardens Scheme, it's a pretty awesome program which features gardens all over England and Wales, most privately owned, which are open on a very limited basis to benefit the charity of the owner's choice.  All told, there are about 3700 gardens included, and the NGS has raised 25 million pounds for charity over the past ten years.  The individual owners typically pick dates when their respective gardens are looking their best, and will open up the garden to visitors for a nominal price, which goes to charity. The book is divided by county and open dates, so it's a great guide to have in the car when traveling through England.

Thank goodness we'll be there in September!  The Baron & Baroness Sweerts de Landas Wyborgh are opening their home, Dunsborough Park, for one day while we're in that area.  I have no idea who they are, but how could I NOT visit somebody with a name like that!? (I might need to buy another hat......)


  1. I am so green with envy right now...

  2. Ha! Definitely you must visit the garden of folks with names like that! But really, how very lucky you will be to see it.

  3. Tim, The Yellow Book Cover is enough to lift my spirits :) - G

  4. I'm a bit of an internet junky, and had decided I would just use the NGS info off the net rather than spend the $20 for the book. I have to say, though, that the pictures in the book are pretty awesome!

  5. Hi Tim. It's good that you've got the book in advance as there are so many gardens in it to go through. It's a great charity.

    I once worked in a garden that was open under the Yellow Book scheme - a garden that boasted thousands of tulips in flower (it's now all under a modern housing estate, sadly). We had hundreds of people turn up but, due to a late spring, only one bloom was open and that was only because I made a mini greenhouse over it! Fortunately most people were happy to donate money for the charity anyway and many came back a fortnight later (free of charge) to see them at their best.

    September is usually a glorious month in England so you've chosen a good time.