Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Hockey Game

I am not typically a big sports fan, but OMG, did you see today's hockey game????  I sat down this afternoon to go through some of the papers I picked up at yesterday's symposium, and got completely sucked into the game on much so that we were late for dinner at a friend's house!

I have been torn for the last couple of weeks, since my natural inclination is to support the USA team simply because I'm an American, but really wanted the Canadians to do well in this Olympics since they are all just so nice.  I finally had resolved to just enjoy this last game, but never expected to do so on the edge of my seat!

As I sit here now watching the Closing Ceremonies, I can't help but get excited to see all of those people who are so driven to excellence by their passion for their respective crafts.  With all of the negative news we hear and see every day, the Olympic games always give me hope for the future of our world.


  1. Amen to giving hope to the future! And these games certainly did that for me! Gotta love Canada!!!

  2. well said...hope for the future;)

  3. It was a great game! I always wonder why I don't watch hockey more often after catching an exciting game like that.

  4. Dear Tim, I am dreadfully sorry but I really do not have any interest in sport and so am totally unworthy to comment. I do, though, like the logo you reproduce here which reminds me of Matisse.