Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Few More Photos of Spring

The delphiniums have been planted, and are visibly growing after just a few days in the ground.  This bed is a favorite of mine, since it starts early with some crocuses, then the leucojem will pop up at about the same time as the delphiniums.  All the while, the barberry in the background will start putting out its burgundy foliage, and the azaleas in the back will bloom through spring.  Soon after the daylilies will fill this space, backed up by the nicotiana (both the very tall "Woodland" and the much shorter, self-sowing purple.
This poor camellia has been hidden behind an enormous arborvitae until the winter.  After the bloom it will need some serious reshaping, but for now it is blooming its heart out!
The Okame cherry in front of the house speaks for itself.  It's not something one would find appealing in a wooded garden, but here in a formal setting, it's pretty spectacular!
The pansies are coming back to life with the recent warmth and sun, backed by the Italian kale,
The walled garden is ready for planting, and lots of the perennials are showing some life.  Kales, collards, mustard and cabbages are all ripe for picking!  Lettuces are planted in the metal trough, so that if it's going to be crazy cold, we can bring them inside for the night.


  1. I don't see how you do it! Everything is gorgeous.

  2. I can only do it because it's almost full time in the garden, with a couple of great helpers. I also have to give credit to "Mr and Mrs," for giving me the freedom to do such things, and providing the means to "do things correctly."

  3. WOw - beautiful photos ;-)