Thursday, March 18, 2010

Garden Angel Day

The weather was perfect this morning for the first "official" garden angel workday leading up to the tour.  Since the ground is still soaking wet (I'm guessing it will stay that way until 2012), the weeds were pulling very easily, and we got a TON of things done.  I'm amazed at how many things have sprouted just in the past week!
Since the bulk of my front garden is perennials, I'm putting in lots of early annuals to beef up the color for mid-May.  It will all fry by Memorial Day, but for the tour, it will hopefully look good.  (Look, there's even a spot of color in all of that brown surrounding Carol!)


  1. Happy Spring, Tim! Good luck with this year's garden!!!!

  2. Hi Tim,
    Judging by the amount of clobber that Carol is wearing, it looks as though it's still very cold!

  3. I am so glad to find things sprouting up out of the ground in spite of the snow. I feel I may survive now. It will be good to see some of your flowering bulbs.