Monday, March 1, 2010

What a Difference a Door Makes.......

I would add little musical notes to the title if I knew how, so you'll just have to imagine them surrounding the words....

We're making steady progress on the "not shed" along the back property line, trying to work around rain-free days when I'm not gardening for someone else.  We're finally in the home stretch, and I've started some painting.  As you can see, Chuck still has some minor finish work to do, but in my usual way I want to see what it's going to look like NOW!

I've pulled the door hardware, the windowbox, and the light off for painting, and have gotten the primer and the first coat of body color on.  Frank and I finally settled on Martha Stewart's "Lentil" for the body, "Sisal" for the trim, and "Hummingbird Blue" for the door.  This gives us a great trial run on the colors, since they'll go onto the house itself next spring if we still like them as much.

The plastic Adirondack chairs aren't staying (they're just another one of those "I want to see the look NOW" things).    At present, I'm obessing about either finding two great vintage chairs or having Chuck copy the Adirondack chairs Dan Benarcik did at Chanticleer a couple of seasons ago....probably as close as I'm going to get to having Dan Benarcik working in my garden.....

When I went outside to start painting today, this partial apple was sitting as you see it on the porch of the not shed, obviously left by a squirrel mid-meal.  This is EXACTLY what I want to have happening in my garden!  It makes all the building and planning worth the work!


  1. omg! it looks awesome...........way jealous ;)

  2. Oooh it's come together so nicely ! What a quaint little building, I finished the inside of mine with fairy lights and balckberry vines weaving along the rafters, it's on one of my earlier posts.
    Sometimes, I just go out there at night, light the candles, take a pot of tea, and daydream ;)
    Can't wait until you show the finished shed, it's just sweet !

  3. Your all are so clever! I can't wait to see photos for the garden tour.

  4. I am zany for this structure!

    You might like this on my back property line:

  5. That shed is looks better than some people homes...great job!

  6. Dear Tim, Your garden room/notshed looks to be a most exciting project and is clearly nearing completion. It is always fun choosing paint colours.

    Have you thought about Lloyd Loom chairs for the verandah? And, what is more, they can be finished almost to the colour of your choosing although they are available in several Farrow and Ball paint finishes.

  7. My first visit. It will look great when you get it done. What a great space!

  8. I love all of Chanticleer's chairs. In fact I'm pretty sure Chanticleer is my favorite public garden, at least in the top five. If there is one thing I think Chanticleers does better than most gardens it is scale. A lot of gardens get stuck in a medium small scale, but not Chanticleer. That’s a garden that is not afraid to go big.

    Which chairs where you thinking of replicating?

  9. Tim...enjoyed your program this evening at garden club! I see someone ELSE has squirrel problems...and not just me (hibiscus question...that was me.) LOL
    I can't wait to further explore your site...very much enjoy your sense of humor...and learning tons here!
    I think I may have ordered something very similar to your flower mix several years ago from Earth Products...only they called it "Perennial Mix." I called it black gold!