Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Signs of Spring

It seems we're finally getting over winter, and we've had a few days in a row that were above 60 degrees.  We're now expecting a couple of days of rain, but at least it's relatively warm.  I met with "Mr and Mrs" today to review the plans for the spring, and it was unanimous that we are all psychologically at our limits with the gray skies.  The concensus seemed to be "Plant anything bright!"

While roaming around the garden this morning, it was a treat to see signs of spring, even though they are weeks behind their normal schedules....hellebores in the woods, daffodils promising to flower soon, and lots of things breaking through the ground.

The aliums in the walled garden are all a few inches tall, just a fraction of their spectacular size that will come in a few short weeks.

The greenhouse is filled to the brim with plants just getting started...artichokes, mignonette, forget-me-nots, hyacinth bean, castor bean, cup-and-saucer vines, nicotiana, and lots of other things....now if only the sun would come out for more than a few hours at a time.....


  1. My garden has begun to wake up too...it is such a lovely feeling;)

  2. Im so excitied about gardening this year. I have been in the garden for about a month now. Lots of root veggies and lettuces and greens have been growing well. I love your green house pics!

    Happy Gardening!

  3. Dear Tim, Your greenhouse looks remarkably clean, tidy and well organised. It will, without doubt, manifest itself into a great deal of work later on!

  4. Even though it's been in the 60s a few days here, too, you are way ahead of us in blooms. I can't wait for my hellebores to bloom! :)