Friday, March 19, 2010

Some Early Spring Containers

The weather today was just delightful, sunny and around 70.  It was one of those days that really brings the promise of spring.  Today was one of those days when I really appreciated being able to spend my days outside!

Winter containers are tough to make look good when the weather is as bad as it's been this year; I was thrilled to see some of the containers "coming into their own" this morning!  This first one is "Ultima Morpho" pansies planted in a little rustic basket.  I like the contrast of the very rustic container in such a formal setting by the pool.
The container below is in the middle of a wooded area, surrounded by camellias that have passed and azaleas that have not yet started to bloom.  It's actually a new container, but I think it looks ancient.  Patti "tweaked" the flowers a couple of days ago, mixing the newly sprouted daffodils with more of the "Morpho's".
This one is the "Jenny Brook" wallflower, in a little terra cotta pot with "Antique Shades" violas.

The pot below is in the lower garden, and the cryptomeria and ivy have been there for a few seasons.  The pansies add just a little burst of fun color to a very formal arrangement, I think.


  1. Your pots excite me, Tim, and can't wait to dig into the earth. Though blessed with exciting temps for Michigan, in the 60s, we know this too will come to pass and reality will set in in. Perhaps snow showers tomorrow ... oh well, hardy pansies still fit the bill and I'm heading to nursery. Happy 'Vernal Equinox' ... happy Spring!

  2. #2 is to die for...beautiful

  3. Lovely signs of spring. We still have snow covering all grounds, but the temperature is going up so... soon I might see my snowdrops and plant my new pansies!

  4. I especially like #2 as well. Very pretty. I think we will have to wait another month here in NH!

  5. I've had some johnny jumpups and stock in a planter since November and it was looking rather pathetic through Jan Feb this year, and low and behold just like yours, now they are back like nothing ever happened.