Thursday, April 8, 2010

Angels in Workboots

Today was another "garden angel" day for the Master Gardener Tour.  I can't imagine putting the Stepchild Garden on tour without the help of these people!  What takes me weeks to accomplish (that whole "shoemaker's children" thing) gets done in a couple of hours!
Here Josh (not an official "angel," but a key player in the Stepchild Garden) gets a few delphiniums in the ground with their fun support posts.  Josh is family in more ways than one....who else would coordinate the t-shirt and the flower supports?

In this next photo, Debbie and Tony made quick work out of a previously-messy path that runs along the side of the house.  It's where the utility meters are, and where I've always just planted things that didn't fit somewhere else.  Debbie, Tony and Carra tore it all out and made it look beautiful with a collection of ferns, hostas, and obedient plant.


  1. isnt it wonderful to have good friends:)

  2. Are they calling them angels these days? :)

  3. I wish I had some garden angels, your garden angels look so friendly! Lucky man!