Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tax Day Photos

These photos were actually taken Friday morning, April 16, once all that tax stuff was done and life could get back to the pleasures of the garden.  Walking around the garden at the Big House, I was amazed to see all of these things just literally "popping" from one day to the next.  As always, click on the photos to make them larger.

This ajuga was taken out of the walled garden a couple of years ago, where it always struggled.  It is now largely ignored, baking in the heat along those stone stairs.  Clearly, it likes the abuse!  At the top of the stairs there is a big blank spot where we had some diseased Leylands removed; they've been replaced with three "Alta" magnolias and a couple of Chinese Fringetrees, which should fill in nicely there.  For this season (and some instant filler), we're adding in Castor Bean, which typically grows about 12 feet tall!
This shot of the Bridal Wreath Spirea shows why it's one of my favorite plants!  It is beautifully positioned above that wall, and seems to be just dripping white blossoms in a waterfall!
In the walled garden, things are having their "last hoorah," since the collards have bolted and some of the other things are beginning to fry in the heat.  The collards are now too bitter to eat, but how fabulous are those flowers?
At the pool, some of the winter containers are just starting to pop, as well!  This one has colors that remind me of citrus sherbets.
On the other side of the pool, the delphiniums are beginning to put on their incredible show, made even more special by the fact that they typically don't do well in Atlanta.  The fact that they are upright and so beautiful is the only good thing about our recent lack of rain.  They are planted behind a large bank of coral-colored daylilies....perhaps we'll get a couple of early blooms for an awesome combination!


  1. Tim,
    That winter container is beautiful. What do you have growing in there? We certainly don't have winter containers like that up North!

  2. That Ajuga looks awesome next to the stairs! do you know what species and or cultivar ?

  3. The ajuga is Caitlin's Giant, which grows like a weed in Cobb, so I'm sure it's the same for you.

    Michael, it's cryptomeria "setsugekka," heuchera "caramel," variegated English ivy, pansies and violas. What aren't visible in this shot are Swiss Chard and Beets, since it's close to the kitchen. Wouldn't make it through a NH winter, but could probably be planted there in March.

  4. I like the look of bridal wreath flowing down! Wonderful show, Tim. Awesome work!

  5. aloha tim,

    this is my first visit to your blog and garden, i'm enjoying your story and previous posts, it must be a really nice transition to do this as a new career, i'm envious so made a wonderful transition.

  6. The Spiraea/brick wall combo is very good. Is that creeping fig on the wall?

  7. It is creeping fig, which does very well there. It bakes in the sun most of the day. Sometimes it fries out in the winter, but comes right back. We have to clip it with scissors a few times a year, but otherwise maintenance free. For a relatively small amount of work, I think it's very effective, too!