Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I've reached a new level (of low.......)

Josh is on spring break this week, so it's "pedal to the metal" with the wine bottle path edging in the Stepchild Garden.  Just under six weeks until the Tour, and we still have about 75 feet of edging left to do.  Since I'm the one with the old arthritic hands, I have no reservations at all about taking advantage of the 17-year-old neighbor (Josh) who needs money!

That being said, we've started to run short on bottles, which calls for desperate measures!  Last night we started to do some serious "shopping" in the recycling bins of local businesses.  Here's Chuck (who happens to be Josh's dad) behind Harry's Farmers Market just as dusk was beginning to fall.  All the while, Frank was in the car saying, "If you get arrested, I don't know either of you.......".   Oh, the things we gardeners will do.......


  1. 75 ft???? Thats a lot of wine to drink. But I've never measured wine in 'ft'. Doable, I'm sure!!! I just can't wait to see photos at tour time!

  2. Lololol.......go for it guys!!