Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Few More Photos of the Stepchild

Here are a few more shots from yesterday's stroll (through my own garden, for a change).....This first one is the Bridal Wreath Spirea, just starting to bloom.  It is such an old-fashioned homely plant, but so elegant in its own way!
The "ajuga bed" completely died with all of the cold and wet this winter, so I've just replanted it with some ajuga moved from elsewhere.  The empty pot in the middle is holding the spot for the creeping fig topiary teddy bear that Carolyn is making for the tour.  I've still got to get the real pillow that will go at the headboard.
"The Wild" is where the snakes, chipmunks, birds, and what-have-you can do their own things.  It's a big ditch that fills with water if we have crazy rain, so I'm afraid to level it.  For the time being, it's an awesome natural compost area!  Whenever there is a leyland cypress or something similar cut down, it justifies buying another cool birdhouse!
The succulent bed near the driveway lives on complete neglect.  These plants seem to love the oppressive heat and lime that gets generated by the concrete driveway.
The Doublefile Viburnum below is a tree form that I dote on just a little.  I'll get a better shot that shows it off in its entirety; I planted it from a 3 gallon a couple of years ago, and now it's about 10 feet tall.  For now, it's blooming its guts out and is pretty spectacular.


  1. lovely...the bird houses are awesome;)

  2. Tim,
    The Doublefile Viburnum is spectacular. I also enjoyed the last post. I love the whimsy you have created! You make it feel right. Spring is just beginning here. I'm jealous.

  3. I just discovered your blog... love doublefile viburnums but haven't had much luck with them here in Wisconsin. A friend 100 miles south of me has a huge one, so I need to keep trying! Larry

  4. What wonderful garden you have, Tim! I love your garden of neglect with the succulents and broken pots strewn about. Looks so casual and great. I wish I could attend that tour! [SIGH]

  5. Your "bed" is cute, but I really like the broken pots.

  6. Tim, everything looks superlative! I love the bed, and your lady's head planter too. I have a planter as well, and each summer she gets a "wig" of Callesia repans (Bolivian wandering jew). It cascades nicely - too nicely, in fact. I had to trim her bangs twice last summer! I think your garden tour is going to be a huge success, and I can't wait for the results. I wish I could attend.....