Monday, April 12, 2010

The Stepchild Garden This Afternoon

Some miscellaneous shots taken this afternoon while roaming around the stepchild garden.  It was the worst time of day for photography, and my cheap little point-and-shoot camera, so you'll have to forgive the quality.  In this first photo, the lady's "hair" is starting to grow back.  This just shows the tenacity of Creeping Jenny, which was completely ignored until a few days ago.  This all survived through the winter with zero water added.
The little child below is one of my favorite pieces.  I've dragged him around for at least 15 years, to three different gardening locations.  He seems happy under the laurel next to the chipmunk tunnel!
The bottle tree just needs a few more blue bottles.  So far I've been drinking a lot of really bad pinot grigios to reach the goal......
The "Not Shed" has turned out really well.  Still some potted things to add before tour day, but I'm thrilled with where it is so far!  We've actually had lunch in these chairs twice already, since it's a great shade spot on a hot afternoon.
The little patio off the kitchen is finally coming together.  All of my "junk store" metal furniture is being painted the same shade of textured rusty brown, then lots of container plants and pillows in bright colors!


  1. All looks lush and in waiting readiness. When is the tour date? Love your version of the bottle tree and sacrifices must be made for bottle color.

  2. It really looks great there. I love your lady. The "not shed" looks really nice, I love the blue on the door.

  3. That lady's hair looks pretty. The child looks sweet too! I'd love to sit in that patio and have my evening tea! Nice vista!

  4. I love the first photo. What do you call her,"Creepy Jenny"? Your creativity is astounding!