Thursday, April 22, 2010

I don't know why the neighbors talk.......

Josh is really getting down to the wire with the wine bottle edging for the paths, since I want to have mulch put down next week.  Josh is also rehearsing for his school's production of "Alladin," which opens in a couple of weeks.  (He's the parrot character).

In any case, Josh called this afternoon, and said (in 17-year-old speak)...."Oh, cool, I'll come straight from rehearsal to work in your yard for a couple of hours.  We're trying out the hair and makeup it ok if there is some makeup left on my face?"

This is Josh arriving to work in my garden.....and I wonder why the neighbors just look over and scratch their heads when they see us in the garden......


  1. Josh definitely doesn't need encouragement...he is a duplicate of me 30 years ago.....the thought frightens his parents!

  2. Cool costume and cool kid. Life would be so much better if we just do and enjoy life without worry. I would have loved to see him out there working and watch others reactions.
    We were eating out one day, with family, and I describe a friend art teacher of my was going to clown school. In walks a person, in their clown outfit with his family. He had been in a fourth of July parade. Went through the buffet with ease and ate lunch.

  3. I wish I had driven by with a camera..priceless;)

  4. Okay, that is seriously the coolest Parrot-face-make-up I've ever seen. It might be the only parrot face-make-up I've ever seen, but who's keeping track? LOOOOOVE it!