Monday, February 14, 2011

Ancient History

Our big snows in Atlanta from a few weeks ago seem like ancient history at the moment, so we're lucky to have digital photography.

This is my friend Jane's garden in the snow.  Jane's garden happens to be exquisite at any time of the year, but the snow was really "the icing on the cake" in this case.  (If it looks this good in January, imagine it in June!)

Jane has really mastered the art of repeating the same color in various parts of the garden to make things come together.  My favorite things are the red-painted Annabelle hydrangeas to coordinate with the bench!


  1. Hi Tim
    I must admit that I really miss the snow. It's just raining here all the time now. A really lovely photo of your friend Janes garden!

  2. The red bench and the accents are beautiful in the snow. What a lovely garden, you will have to post more photos of it in the spring.