Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mild February Weather

Every year at least one hard-core gardener says, "You can't move hellebores like will kill them!" And every year we lift them out of the ground and use them in containers near the house.  The added bonus is that, since many of them have seeded themselves in the woodlands, we can move them to other areas when we take them out of the containers.
 A wall-hung planter in a little courtyard between the house and the garage is the perfect spot for this great purple specimen!
Behind the pool, the yellow crocus are always the first to burst in the spring! 
Mini daffodils coming up in the wooded garden. 
Prunus mume, "Peggy Clark", just startign to put on her annual show. 


  1. I love that hellebore in the container. With it lifted up that way the blooms aren't so hidden. Maybe I'll try it!

  2. Tim, your photos made me smile as I look out over the 6" of fresh snowfall from last night. I can't see them now, but our 60 degree weather on Friday melted all the snow - and my winter aconites were not only up, but open!