Friday, February 18, 2011

Clematizing the Garden

Clematis "Duchess of Albany" (texensis)
Clematis "Rooguchi," (viticella) 
Princess Diana (texensis)

I went to a great program on Tuesday presented by the Georgia Perennial Plant Association (GPPA), with Lyndy Broder speaking about clematis.  I can see them becoming a new addiction for me!  The last one was salvias, which have taken over the perennial bed at the Stepchild Garden, and then it was achilleas.....

Lyndy is on the Board of the International Clematis Society, grows hundreds of them, and clearly knows her stuff.  For those who want to give them a try (or try some new cultivars), these are the ten she recommends most highly for Georgia (and I'm assuming other Southeastern) gardens (the bloom time listed in for Atlanta):

Arabella (integrifolia) blue-mauve, blooming April to Sept; trails on the ground
Betty Corning (viticella), pale blue, blooms May-August, a climber;
Duchess of Albany (texensis), bright pink, blooms April to October, climber;
Etoile Violette (viticella), dark purple, blooms April to October, climber
Henryii (early large), white, blooms April to July, climber;
Josephine (early large), double pink, blooms April to September, climber;
Madame Julia Correvon (viticella), wine red, blooms April to September, climber;
Princess Diana (texensis), luminous pink, blooms May to September, climber
Rooguchi (viticella), purple, blooms April to September, 3 feet tall
Venosa Violacea (viticella), white with purple veining, blooms May to October, climber.

I only bought three (from Dan Long of Brushwood Nursery, 
Duchess of Albany, Rooguchi, and Princess Diana (all of the photos are from their website).  Will keep you posted on how they do.....


  1. I always wanted Princess Diana. I have grown a few on this list, but there must be a trick I do not know. They were just mild performers for me.

    Why are there no c. montana(s) on the list? I want one badly after seeing mature specimens in the UK.

  2. Hey! You and I have such similar tastes...I want to grow clematis on everything now.

  3. Hey Jim! I would contact Dan at Brushwood Nurseries. He has 8 different montanas on his list, and would know what would do best for you. Two friends here have Diana growing and it is HUGE in both of their gardens! Brushwood only does mail order, but everyone I've spoken to has been very pleased with what they received in the mail from them.

  4. Ms. Jean, don't even think about another bidding war! I can't afford when you and I are both bidding on the same item!

  5. I could easily get addicted to them.

  6. You're definitely playing my song with your clematis choices ... I have mostly texensis and viticella varieties growing along with my rambler roses. Duchess of Albany is especially beautiful. You will LOVE her!

  7. Oh so lovely. You must be a fantastic photographer as well as gardener.