Sunday, February 20, 2011

In the Greenhouse

One of the real "luxuries" of life at the Big House (from the gardener's perspective, anyway) is the greenhouse.  And it's never more evident in day-to-day gardening than at this time of year. 

The orchids go into the house when they're in bloom, and then come back to rest in the greenhouse when they're "not so purdy".  (The tree fern is looking a little naked at the moment, just starting to put out its spring growth).
Cannas and brugmansia getting an early start, so they can go into summer containers with a good amount of foliage and structure to them. 
The clerodendrum thomsoniae spent last summer in a hanging basket in a shady spot, and now is in the greenhouse permanently.  This is one of those vines that literally grows several inches a day when it's warm and getting enough light.  Other than a dormant period from Thanksgiving into January, it will be this showy all the time.
The weather was so bad during December and January, we started lettuces indoors. 
Oh, what would we do without tweezers for the fennel? 
Then there is the infirmary area........these guys will go back to the house when they're feeling a little better.....

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