Friday, May 7, 2010

Angels from Heaven

As the Master Gardener Tour gets closer, the angels are still working their tails off getting the Stepchild in shape.  Even our little burst of 90 degree days hasn't slowed this group down......Phyllis must have some sort of a magic potion she feeds them to get them to keep saying "yes"......

Carol has lost more than 30 pounds since the process started.  Having her drag bags of topsoil is my way of supporting her, really it is......
Edgar is on a little vacation from Debbie's house, spending the next couple of weeks in my garden.....
Cheryle agreed to "touch up" the hollies, but never asked how tall they are....(Phyllis has the ladder in one hand, and the whip in the other)
Randy heard how much fun we've been having, and had to get into the act, as well.....


  1. what a great group you have ;)

  2. You are so lucky to have knowledgeable help. I only have deer, which practice abstract topiary shaping.

    I'm very excited for you!

  3. Wonderful people to help you around. I'm eager to see the photos of the D-Day! Good luck and have fun!