Friday, May 28, 2010

Hydrangea Palooza

It's no secret that I really like hydrangeas of most every type, and they're peaking at the moment in the Stepchild Garden.  Here are a few from yesterday morning:
Lanarth's White is a beautiful lacecap

Lilacina is a great white mophead with a blue cast

Mme Emile Mouillere is almost being pulled down to the great by the weight of its own blooms this year!

Pia can sometimes be a little garish, but it stays this great pink (even in Georgia clay!), and is a dwarf
and, finally, this is the pink lacecap we dug out of Renee's ditch last year!  Pretty cool for a "rescue," huh?


  1. I know 'Pia' is often listed as staying pink, but my own is the richest dark purple, and I love its compact size.

  2. OOps, 'Lilacina' is not a mophead. Your labels must have been confused.

  3. I love those hydrangeas, especially the Lanarth's White. I hadnt heard of it. Beuatiful photo's.

  4. I love hydrangeas too. That last one is gorgeous!. They're so easy to grow and maintain.

  5. My mother is a hydrangea nut so she has 50 on her acre outside of Portland. Due to that overabundance, I don't have a single one, but I love to admire others' from afar. I love seeing more and more of those lacecaps too. The last one you posted, the pink one, is very beautiful. What a lovely rescue.

  6. Hi Tim,
    I love Hydrangeas as well, particularly lacecaps and the villosa variety, both not quite as brash as the mopheads I think.

  7. Sandra, I'm delighted you said that, since it came from a snotty plant person who swore that's what it was. When I questioned the name, I was promptly put in my place.....

    Les, I'd be thrilled if Pia eventually changed color. So far three years of that garish pink.