Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Gates are Closed

The Cobb MG Tour was today, and seemed to be a huge success.  I didn't get to any of the other gardens today, but the unofficial "gate total" at my house was just under 800 people.  There were an additional 25 or so neighbors who "stopped in," so let's just say it was a little busy around here for the past few hours!  We just finished "mojito time" with some of the volunteers, and I'm able to kick back with Sadie the Dog on the sofa. 

In this first photo, Phyllis (my friend and "house captain) enjoying the breakfast of champions before the crowds hit.
The patio table was set, though who had time to sit?
Carolyn's succulent pillow enhanced the purple chair perfectly!

Even Frank got into the act, working as the parking captain with a Barbie wave!
Another shot of the patio
Then the crowds came......more photos to follow.....


  1. If I had 800 visit my garden, I would have needed several mojitos.

  2. Wow! The succulent pillow looks wonderful! Do post more photos of your garden. I'd like to see that bed!