Monday, May 17, 2010

Some Early Morning Shots

Almost out of photos from the tour on Saturday, but here are some close ups of things people have asked about. As always, you can click to make them bigger.  First, the ajuga bed with Carolyn's topiary teddy bears:               
Here is the very cool "Boardwalk" that Chuck fashioned to go under the arbor.  This area is pretty low in the yard, and collects water whenever it rains.  I had reached that, "I'm not spending any more money!  Just add pinestraw!" point, when Chuck decided this was a better solution.  He was definitely right!
This is the end of the wine bottle border.  Couldn't come up with a clever way of ending it, but I think this worked pretty well.  (It's one giant tree root in this area, so digging wasn't an option).
The "Shade Walk" is really just the utilitarian side of the house where all of the utility meters and such are mounted.  The old flower cart loaded with houseplants did the trick pretty well.  Thanks to Carol C for assembling all the junk in my garage into something pretty!
Yesterday we had 50 people or so here for a "shorts and flip flops" casual lunch to celebrate the birthday, so I'm getting off to a slow start this morning.  I guess it's time to get moving......have a great day!


  1. The arbor and the bed are perfect! love the effect they give...

  2. The bed, with bears, cool...the end of the wine walk, BRILLIANT. :)

  3. Tim did a fabulous job in his garden. His eye for color and flair for whimsy made this garden an icon for gardeners of all stripes.

  4. That bed looks tooooooo comfortable. What would goldilocks say?

  5. The bed is just too great!

    We went through this once. Our garden in Seattle was on the 1998 SEATTLE ART MUSEUM'S TOUR OF ARTISTS' GARDENS. We had a about 300 people go through pur garden on a weekend. I worked like crazy the weeks before the tour & even on the day before, I was filling gaps with Lobelia.

    Thanks for your tour via the Blog.

  6. I love the details you have. The flower cart looks really great, it was meant for that spot.
    Sounds like it went really well.

  7. Tim, I'm absolutely blown away by how amazing everything looked! Of special note are the "pillow" and the "bear". Just incredible - congratulations on a job well done, and I hope your success made for a very Happy Birthday!!