Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The War of the Roses

In the Big House garden, we have a collection of about 25 "fancy" roses, separate from the various shrub roses, Knockouts, etc., that are in a few places around the property.

Between the cold weather of this past season and being back on a normal amount of rain this year, the roses have simply gone crazy!  In the photo below, Graham Thomas, Abraham Darby, and the (beautifully colored) root stock of one of the Grahams that seems to have escaped pruning!
Here is a closeup of the Graham Thomas and that rootstock.  I know the rose purists won't like this, but I think it's a pretty fabulous combo!
Summer Samba is loving tihs weather, as well!


  1. I try to do minimal spraying, but I have used some this year. It's on drip irrigation, which is a huge help, as well. That bed is sited in such a way that it gets great circulation (it's raised above much of the garden), which I think helps tremendously.

  2. Hi Tim,
    The roses are looking great!
    It doesn't matter what the purists say, if it works and looks good then why not give the rootstocks a chance if they occasionally show up. I like the colour combination with the window.